Mia Donna // A Portland, Oregon Diamond Company


What is “Mia Donna?”: I’m really excited to talk about a local Portland, Oregon based diamond company called MiaDonna. They are known for their “lab grown diamonds” that are chemically, physically and optically identical to earth-mined diamonds, without the social or environmental impact. These diamonds are conflict free and cost up to 40 % less than typical earth-mined diamonds! Shop & learn more at their website miadonna.com

My experience: with them was exceptional. A little background on me, I am not engaged, or married. I was a little intimidated at first, but once I got there I loved that I could look through their jewelry for “fashion” purposes! I know a lot of times high end jewelers can feel intimidating because their specialties are for the engaged or married, but I loved looking at all they had to offer for the single girl!

Earrings: I think my favorite part of my private tour of ­their showroom was getting to try on their stud earrings and stacked rings! I’m a big fan of simple, yet classic studs – I tried on the Basket Princess Cut Earrings in 14K White Gold, each set with 1.0 carat stones.


Stacked Rings: (in order of photos below) I think my absolute favorite ring was the Amore Vintage Diamond Band ($655) – the gorgeous, almost “woven” look of this ring exudes beauty. I love how unique it is and also how versatile! I paired this Amore Band with the sleek and elegant Hope Diamond Band ($804) and the eco-friendly Drew Band ($759) that is channel set with naturally recycled diamonds and looks stunning in person and on camera!







For Fun: Their Graphic Designer, Instagram Manager, and diamond expertise, Emily, convinced me to try on a few of the diamond rings. These rings are perfect for engagements, but if you’re someone who likes to wear fine jewelry then this one’s for you! The Morrison Vintage Inspired Ring is a beauty It’s set with a stunning round cut center stone and shows off gorgeous hand carved details.”



One last thing: The Home Try-On Program. This is seriously amazing and you guys should take advantage of it! It lets you try on 3 sample rings from home – 1. Select your rings online 2. Try them on at home 3. Send them back for free! What do you have to lose!? Find out more here.


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