Shop the photos above: 1. Fleece Lined Socks 2. Check Square Scarf ($25) 3. TULA Discovery Kit 4. Guilded Muse Candle 5. “Frosted” Throw Blanket 6. Knit Beanie 7. Brush Set ($22) 8. Tabu Rose  9. Coffee Mug Hey Everyone! Tis’ the season! I… View Post

I am so excited to be partnering with Shane Co. to bring you all some fun + festive fine jewelry for the Holidays! I’m someone who loves delicate jewelry pieces that compliment my neutral colored… View Post

OTK Boots ($99) / Skinny Jeans ($40) / Turtleneck Dress ($29) /Sunnies ($24) /Scarf ($25) /Stripped Top ($19) / Open Sweater ($47) / Booties ($95) / Peacoat ($37) Last time I posted about some of… View Post

What is “Mia Donna?”: I’m really excited to talk about a local Portland, Oregon based diamond company called MiaDonna. They are known for their “lab grown diamonds” that are chemically, physically and optically identical to… View Post