12 things I’ve learned in my first year of blogging // Blush + Bubbly turns 1

“If I ever let my head down, it will be just to admire my shoes”

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12 things I’ve learned in my first year of blogging:

  1. Just do it – When I was first thinking ofstarting a blog, I was so nervous to put myself out there. Just know everyone starts somewhere! Just do it 🙂
  2. Preparation is important – Planning content ahead of time is the number one tip I have been given and can pass along to anyone else starting a blog, or, already has one.
  3. Reach out – Reach out to other bloggers, brands, etc.! The worst that can happen is they don’t write you back… but what if they do? What if you spark a friendship? What if those friendships turn into something like a StyleCollective sisterhood? This is exactly what happened to me, and it’s completely changed my blogging journey. This group of women share the same drive, passion and dedication to blogging as I do. Learn more about StyleCollective here.
  4. You’re not everyone’s cup of tea – One of my favorite bloggers, Lauren Kay Sims said it best “As a blogger, your life is open and fairly public to thousands of people, and thousands of people’s opinions. Opinions on what you look like, how you dress, how your voice sounds, what size you are, the lifestyle you live, your hair color, and everything else. I’ve learned to develop thick skin on this journey of blogging, because let me tell you, you can’t please everyone. And people can always find something to criticize or be negative about – especially when they think they can hide behind a computer screen or phone.”
  5. Stay genuine/authentic – As I evolve as a person, I must always stay authentic to who I am. I can’t make everyone happy. I’m only going to share with you things that make me happy; I hope some of you will be inspired/love it too.
  6. Do your research – Definitely do a little researching before starting a blog and continue to research how to stay on-top your blogging game 🙂
  7. Don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there – Enough said.
  8. Patience is a virtue – This was really hard for me in the beginning. When starting off blogging, I realized that there are certain things that you can’t take short cuts on – for example, do not short cut your blogging platform, start with WordPress.org, you will thank yourself later. I have learned so much patience in this journey that putting in the research, hard work and patience in the beginning will pay off.
  9. Support others – This is so important! “Supporting another’s success will never dampen yours”
  10. Use your head – A lot of your life is on the internet with a blog. Use your head and if something does feel right follow your gut feeling.
  11. Blogging isn’t always just a hobby – But it can be! But for a lot of us bloggers, this is somewhere we can share our passions and also cultivate it into something more. Be mindful of the hustle bloggers put into creating content, and making a blog a business!
  12. You will have good times and bad times but it will be worth it – Such is life; take everything as a learning experience!

I also wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone. My friends and family who have helped me, blogging girls who have lifted me up, brands that have supported me and my followers who have given me so much positive encouragement! I couldn’t do it without you all! xoxo



  1. October 11, 2016 / 5:52 pm

    1) You are serisously the cutest 2) How have I never visited your blog before? 3) I totally agree that preparation is key, I feel so rushed if I don’t prepare blog posts!

    • blushandbubbly@gmail.com
      October 11, 2016 / 9:19 pm

      Lydia! I am so glad you visited. Thank you so much for your sweet words! 🙂

    • blushandbubbly@gmail.com
      October 11, 2016 / 9:19 pm

      Thanks, Mary! Muah xoxo

  2. October 11, 2016 / 9:15 pm

    Happy blogiversary! Those are all great lessons. I’m coming up to one year of blogging myself, and there is sure a lot I’ve learned along the way. If I could add anything it would be to build off of your reach out item. Look for different blogger/engagement groups and find some that suit you. Not all will be the right fit, but when you find the right ones you’ll be so happy you looked for them and found them.

    xo Jannine | http://www.happystylishfit.com

  3. blushandbubbly@gmail.com
    October 11, 2016 / 9:22 pm

    Jannine, I totally agree! Finding the right niche of blogger girls is totally worth it! I’ve definitely been trying to reach out to new people all the time. I’m so glad you stopped by my blog, can’t wait to keep in touch! xoxo (congrats on your blogiversary, too) Muach! xoxo